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Everything you need to navigate and build strategies in Market Memory

Dashboard Introduction

Want to jump in and get an overview of the system? Check out this comprehensive guide to the dashboard. Setup and analyze market scenario from start to finish.

Alpha Curve

Use data to understand the fundamental movements of the market. This guide walks you through how to interpret the Alpha Curves generated by Market Memory algorithms.


Interested in seeing how events impact the markets? Learn how price action is impacted by economic events, earnings, dividends, and options expiration.

Account Maintenance

Please copy the url while the bug and email it to We shall be able to respond you within 24 hours.

You can either go to your user profile page to upgrade your plan or simply email to make a request.

If you want to completely erase all traces of your account from our servers just notify us at and we will be happy to do it. It’s important to note that all your saved queries and strategies will not be recoverable if you delete your account.

Alpha Curves

Alpha Curves are generated by Market Memory proprietary algorithms automatically. They represent the fundamental market behaviors under the selected market condition. The traders can assume that the actual market movement under the same market condition will follow one of the Alpha Curves or the combination of multiple Alpha Curves.

The motivation to develop Alpha Curves is to provide graphical representations of the archetypal patterns the market creates. They represent a special blend of uniqueness and repeatability uncovered by Market Memory’s pattern recognition algorithms. These are the paths the market has traced out over and over as it created the statistical outcomes observed in a stats table. Results are path dependent, and Alpha Curves illuminate that path. Market Memory expects these curves to offer more insight into market behavior than any statistic ever could. Market Memory predicts that these curves can unleash the power of traders’ brain and allow them to interpret market patterns because the algorithms have cleaned the majority of the bias out of the data.

In most cases, the user will see 4 predominant patterns. In some cases, only 3, 2 or even 1. Why?

At the back end, Market Memory’s proprietary algorithm will rank the importance and the relevance of the curves and only present the top 4. Mathematically speaking, these top 4 curves and their combinations will cover 99% cases. Of course, the Black Swan effect always exists in the market. However, we feel it will not bring too much value if we present more curves. In some cases, if top 3 can already cover ~ 99% cases, we will only present the top 3.

Getting Started

No problem. Simply cancel before the beginning of your next billing cycle and you will not be charged for the next month.

If you are on an annual plan you will be deducted with a quarterly penalty for early termination.

Yes, you get access to Market Memory when you signup with a credit card for 14-days before we charge you. If you cancel before your trial expires you will be downgraded to demo mode and eligible to use the site once a month.

‘What you See Is What You Think’ is a term used to describe that the process of translating the strategies in your head into our quantitative dashboard. Strategies are built using simple point and click tools. As you select criteria the dashboard responds with instant feedback. This ensures that what you had in mind is what is actually input into the system.

We had a mission to deliver an incredible analytic product to the widest possible audience, and our pricing reflects that. Normal usage means that if you are on an individual plan you are using it for individual usage. If our algorithms detect that you are using an exceptional amount of data, we will request that you upgrade to a professional account.

Markets and Data

Currently individual users have access to all North American equity exchanges. Professional users have access to North American and European exchanges (subject to Exchange fees). For a full list, please see

Market Memory data is processed in real-time but the data itself is usually delayed by several minutes. The primary function of Market Memory is to analyze massive amounts of historical data, not as a real-time charting tool.

Institutional clients have access to real-time data and inline calculation. If you are interested in gaining access to the institutional product please email

Strategy Creation

You can save a strategy directly from the dashboard page.

Click on the button on the right side of “Analyze Now” to ‘Save Strategy’.

save strategy step 1

When prompted, enter the name of the strategy, choose the group, and click ‘Save’.

save strategy step 2

If you need to find this strategy along with all your other saved strategies, click the gear icon and click ‘My Strategies’

save strategy step 3